On February 28, 2012, Charles and David Koch filed suit against the Cato Institute in an attempt to gain majority control of the Institute. They insisted that their action was not partisan, not hostile, and not a takeover.

Catoites and Cato supporters begged to differ.  This was a “hostile takeover” in any sense of the term; we had good reason to suspect it was being done for partisan purposes; and every reason to see a Koch victory as a deadly blow to our independence and credibility.

We made our case in any forum available to us: Facebook, Twitter, magazine websites, friends’ blogspersonal blogs that hadn’t been updated in years.

Several weeks into this dispute, however, it was becoming increasingly clear that we needed our own blog to respond rapidly to new developments and compile the arguments for a free Cato.  Kochvcato.com will serve that purpose—a forum for Catoites and Cato supporters to make the case for an independent Institute.  While we all support the Institute and many of us work there, this site is not directed or run by Cato. If you don’t like something, blame us.

As Cato partisans, we wear our bias on our sleeves, but we’ll strive to give fair treatment to opposing arguments.  And, to borrow a line from David Koch, we are “confident that when all the facts are known, those who are objective and open-minded will understand the reasons for our action[s].”

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